Watch a Tesla Model X LR and Audi e-tron 55 face-off on an airport runway drag race

Last week we saw Fifth Gear, a popular British automotive series, put a Tesla Performance Model 3 up against a Mercedes Benz C63S in a series of tests pitting EV against ICE. Now Fifth Gear has ditched ICE altogether for their first ever all-electric dogfight.

The two vehicles are the Audi e-tron 55, starting at $90,000CDN, and Tesla Model X LR which has a base price of $116,090. The Audi only comes in one trim level, so for a true test of performance it should have gone up against the Performance version, but they wanted to keep the two EVs fairly similar in price for a better comparison. If the Performance Model X had been used, the results would have been much different.

In the video, the hosts take them out for two drag races to see who would win this dogfight. We’ll let you watch the video below to see who is crowned the victor.

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