Tesla Model X with Cyberstream wheels gets reduced top speed

modelx cyberstream

Tesla has updated the Design Studio for the Model X, lowering the top speed when the electric SUV is equipped with the standard 20″ Cyberstream wheels.

According to the online configurator, both the Dual Motor and Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive variants now top out at 149mph (240km/h).

That is a fairly significant drop from before, when the Dual Motor Model X could reach 155mph (250km/h) and the Plaid could reach 163mph (262km/h). (h/t: @tesla_adri)

While Tesla has not provided an official explanation for the change, it is likely due to a change in tires.

All tires have a speed rating, which sets the maximum speed those tires can safely carry a load, which includes both the weight of the vehicle and whatever might be in it (passengers and cargo).

Tires with a ‘V’ symbol on the sidewall are only rated to go 149mph, the same top speed now listed on Tesla’s website.

Tesla updates Model X Cyberstream wheel colour to black

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