Tesla’s glass roof on Model X shows off its strength in freak accident [VIDEO]

One of the more unique features of Tesla vehicles is the glass roof, available in different extents on all models. The Model X glass roof is the largest at roughly 31 square feet in size, giving the driver a helicopter cockpit-like riding experience, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Not only are the glass roofs/windshields/moonroofs gorgeous to look at and experience from inside the car, but their strength is one of the reasons Tesla’s are the safest cars on the road

Now video from TeslaMotorsClub user cvoltage shows just how strong the Model X glass roof/windshield actually is. According to Model X owner, he was driving along the highway at approximately 120km/h (75mph) when the trailer hitch from the truck in front of him came loose and hurtled straight towards him. With no time to react, the hitch struck the roof/windshield, showering him with glass shards but otherwise remaining completely in tact and not allowing the trailer hitch to enter the cabin. One can only imagine the devastating results if this trailer hitch had broken through the glass and made contact with the driver.

I can only imagine the sound as the trailer hitch made impact with the Model X. Kudos to the driver for not reacting and keeping the car travelling in a straight line. And thanks once again Elon for making the safest cars on the road.

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