Tesla goes to Dubai for extreme heat and durability testing in over 50°C temperatures

Tesla has taken several of their vehicles to the deserts of Dubai for some extreme heat and durability testing.

In a post to the automaker’s Instagram account, Tesla says that temperatures reached over 50°C (122°F) during the testing, far beyond what a typical owner will see in Canada and the US.

For the testing Tesla appears to have brought several Model Y and Model 3 cars to Dubai, and even the refresh Model X, even though it is still only available in North America. The only vehicle seemingly missing from the testing was the new Model S.

Based on the photos included in the post that testing included the field quality engineers tackling some sand dunes and travelling along windy and deserted roads.


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Unfortunately Tesla didn’t reveal how the testing went, or if there was something specific they were testing in the extreme temperatures, hinting they could have been testing new technology that hasn’t yet been added to their production vehicles.

Tesla has of course done the opposite and completed some extensive cold weather testing. This was the case for the Model Y before it was released in early 2020. Several test vehicles were spotted in Minnesota and Salt Lake City, and Tesla also sent a pre-production Model Y to their remote testing grounds in Alaska prior to the launch.

A lot of that testing was done to evaluate the performance of the new heat pump that was first introduced in the Model Y. As many owners can attest to, it didn’t perform very well this past winter as it failed in extremely cold temperatures.

It took several months for Tesla to diagnose and release a fix, but that only came after the worst of the cold weather, so we will see in a few months if the issue has truly been fixed.

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