Watch Tesla FSD Beta tackle this wacky street that confuses human drivers [Videos]

If you are thinking that the photo above has been photoshopped or someone had a few too many drinks when painting the lane markings, you are probably not alone, but you are also wrong. This is a real street in Hollister, California that was painted like this as a traffic-calming measure.

The street in question is Ladd Lane. It was only painted this week and isn’t quite complete yet, which is why it looks as wacky as it does. In its final state it will look a little more normal after concrete planters are installed where the two yellow lines diverge, all of it intended to slow traffic down.

We came across the photo, which was originally posted to Reddit, and challenged any of our readers to see how Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta would handle it. Quick to step up was Luke Rockwell (@attathomeguy), who ventured out to Hollister on Saturday afternoon.

With a speed limit of 45mph (72km/h) and travelling at 50mph (80km/h), Luke’s Model 3 was actually able to handle the zig-zag lanes with ease. As you can tell from his reaction, you can’t help but laugh as you drive down the road.

Luke also shared another video showing even human drivers weren’t quite sure what to make of the awkwardly painted lane markings, slowing down to less than 20mph (32km/h) as they navigated down the road.

Here’s one final video showing FSD Beta handling the road again with ease, only “freaking out” and beeping loudly once as the car likely thought it was about the leave the lane, and who can blame it.

If you are in or near Hollister and want to see it yourself, head to Ladd Lane near the Ladd Lane Elementary School.

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