Tesla Model X with new charge port door spotted at Fremont

Tesla has begun manufacturing the Model X with the updated charge port door at the Fremont factory in California.

Several brand new Model X were spotted by The Kilowatts at Tesla’s Logistics lot today sporting the new design.

Fortunately there was another Model X with the old design to perfectly show off the differences between the two. (left new, right old)

Although the photos are taken from the right hand side of the car, and the charge port is located on the left, the design is the same on both sides.

model x charge doormodel x charge door old


If the design looks familiar, it is because it is the same as the Model 3 and Model Y charge port door, but the way in which it opens is different.


The change doesn’t mean much for the North American market, but it is big news for countries where CCS is the charging standard.

Tesla updated the design in order to accommodate a native CCS connector, and first unveiled it at a special media event in Taiwan last month.

According to images received today by Drive Tesla, we can confirm that these Fremont built cars with the new charge port door still only feature Tesla’s proprietary connector.

Tesla unveils new CCS2 charge port in refresh Model S/X [Update]

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