Tesla Model X with CCS charge port and round steering wheel spotted in the Netherlands

Ahead of its launch outside of North America, Tesla has brought a refresh Model X with the new CCS charge port to the Netherlands for testing.

The black Model X with 20″ Cyberstream wheels was spotted plugged in at a local Supercharger earlier this week by Fred Christenhusz (@FredChristenhus). Instead of using the proprietary Tesla connector, the electric SUV was plugged in using the CCS connector without an adapter.

While that in and of itself is an interesting sighting (although not the first), what was inside the car that was even more interesting.

In another photo of the same scene taken from a different angle, we can see the Model X has a traditional round steering wheel.

This is of course a departure from the yoke steering wheel that is currently standard on both the Model X and Model S.

This obviously isn’t the first time we have seen a round steering wheel instead of a yoke.

Almost all of Tesla’s early test vehicles featured the round steering wheel, presumably because of a lack of supply of the yoke wheel until it entered full production.

With this car having been built very recently and for it to still have the round steering wheel is an intriguing decision.

Elon Musk bluntly said “No” when asked last year if there would ever be a round steering wheel option for the flagship vehicles. However as we all know Musk is known to change his mind on such matters, having already reintroduced an airbag horn on the yoke steering wheel (although it is still waiting for a software update to be enabled).

What do you think, will Tesla ever make the Model X or Model S with a round steering wheel as an option? Let us know in the comments below.

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