Tesla adds new Stealth Grey paint for Model S/X

Tesla has added a new paint colour at the Fremont factory with the addition of Midnight Grey to the Design Studio on Thursday night. This the same new colour that was just introduced with the launch of the new Model 3 refresh made at Giga Shanghai, but in North America the colour is only available (for now) on the Model S and Model X.

Tesla’s Fremont factory has been quite limited in its paint options, offering the same five standard paint colours for many years – Solid Black, Pearl White Multi-Coat, Red Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic, and Midnight Silver Metallic. That finally changed earlier this year with the addition of Ultra Red, but that colour was reserved for the flagship Model S and Model X, and also meant the discontinuation of Multi-Coat Red for those two vehicles.

Now Tesla has added another colour for the Model S/X, Stealth Grey. As before, all Model S/X paint options are included in the base price of the vehicle, and the same also applies for the new Stealth Grey.

Here is a comparison of the old Midnight Silver Metallic to the new Stealth Grey, and as you can see it is a much darker grey than before. (click to enlarge)

Tesla also released a short video on X, formerly Twitter, showcasing the new colour, also noting that it is now available in Asia. However that is only for the new Model 3, and the Model Y built at Giga Shanghai is still offered with Midnight Silver Metallic.

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