Elon Musk says sorry to Beneil Dariush after being called out at UFC 262 over Model X delays

Dariush Joe Rogan

More than five months after placing his order for a brand new refresh Model X, UFC fighter Beneil Dariush vented his frustrations about still not having a car after his fight this weekend at UFC 262.

In his post-fight interview with regular Elon Musk interviewer Joe Rogan, Dariush called out the CEO over the delays, saying he needs the car for his wife and newborn daughter.

“I wanna call somebody out. Joe, I’m wanna call out your buddy. Elon, Elon Musk. Where’s my wife’s car, bro? I’ve been waiting six months. I’ve had a baby, I need a good car. I gotta protect my daughter. Let’s go, Elon! Get me my car!” he said. 

Dariush was asked about his comments later in the post-fight press conference, revealing he placed the order for his Model X in December.

The pleas did not go unanswered. Following the high-profile call out, Musk responded on Twitter to apologize for the delay, saying it would be coming soon.

Soon may be a bit of a relative term, as the first deliveries of the refresh Model X are not expected until October. In an update last week, reservation holders saw their estimated delivery dates moved back to October.



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