Tesla Model S/X reservation holders see updated delivery dates appear in their accounts

It has been nearly four months since Tesla announced the refresh Model S and Model X. CEO Elon Musk had hoped deliveries could begin as early as February, but that date and several after that announcement have passed with no deliveries taking place.

The end may be in sight as many customers are seeing new delivery dates in their accounts today.

Model S Deliveries

It looks like the first deliveries could start in about two weeks. According to u/samgabbay94 on Reddit, his Model S reservation was updated this morning to indicate a delivery window of June 1 to June 30. The post has since been removed.

Reddit delivery date
Image via Reddit

This appears to be the earliest date we have seen thus far, with others on Twitter reporting dates even further back into July and August.


Model X Deliveries

The news isn’t any better for those buyers waiting for their Model X to arrive. Canadian Paul Tan shared that his delivery date has now shifted from June to October. This date was also confirmed by several others in the US.

Tesla seems to be in the process of updating accounts as many owners are still reporting either no updated delivery dates, or no delivery dates at all.

It is still unclear why there has been such a long delay. Tesla shut down the productions lines in late December and planned a three-week shutdown to retool the lines for the new design. That shutdown extended well past their initial deadline, with Tesla reporting in their Q1 2021 report that 0 Model S/X were built in the first quarter.

That might be the official number, but drone flyovers of Fremont have shown the factory has producing large numbers of the Model S in recent months.

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