Tesla Model S caught going 63km/h over the speed limit in Ontario

OPP radar

A Tesla Model S driver in Ontario is a little lighter in the pocket today and is without their vehicle for seven days after being caught travelling at 163km/hr along Highway 401.

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The speed limit on that stretch of highway is 100km/hr, meaning the driver was travelling at more than 50km/h above the posted limit. When that happens, you get charged with ‘Stunt Driving’, your vehicle gets impounded, and your driver’s license is seized for seven days.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) posted the catch to their Facebook page, and based on the comments this may not be the first time this driver has sped along this route.

This serves as a good reminder to always drive according the road conditions and posted speed limits. Even driving the safest vehicles on the road, driving at that speed is dangerous not only for yourself, but for other innocent drivers around you.

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