All-Weather Cargo Liner Set and All-Weather Floor Mats for refresh Model S and X added to Tesla Shop

If you are the lucky owner of a refresh Model S or Model X, Tesla has added two new products to their online shop today designed just for you.

Model S All-Weather Rear Cargo Liner Set

First is the all-weather cargo liner set for 2021+ Model S cars. Each set includes on liner for the trunk, and another liner for the lower well.

The liners are made from a 100% recyclable thermoplastic elastomer materials with vertical walls to prevent snow, ice, and water from damaging your carpets.

US price – $200 – buy here.
Canadian price – $255 – buy here.

s liner

Model X All-Weather Interior Mats

Made from the same materials, the Model X all-weather interior mats only includes mats for the front driver and passenger seats on 2021+ Model X cars.

These mats do not have as big of a vertical wall as the Model S liner above. Tesla describes the design as a “custom-fit low profile silhouette.”

US price – $120 – buy here.
Canadian price – $155 – buy here.

x mats

h/t: @TeslaShopBot