Tesla officially begins international deliveries of refresh Model S in Canada

Without much fanfare at all, Tesla has delivered the first refresh Model S cars in Canada with separate deliveries in Vancouver, BC and Calgary, Alberta.

The first delivery actually took place over the weekend, where a Long Range (LR) Midnight Silver Metallic Model S was handed over to a lucky customer in Vancouver on Saturday night.

Similar to the first Model Y delivery in Canada that also took place at the Tesla Vancouver store on West 4th Avenue, a photo of the delivery shared on the TMC forums show celebratory ‘S’ helium balloons were on hand to mark the occasion.

Model S Vancouver Image via TMC

According to information received by Drive Tesla, another refresh Model S was delivered in Calgary this afternoon.

Not much is known about the delivery at this point, other than it was also a LR variant in white with a black interior. One of our readers supplied this photo of the car inside the Tesla Calgary store.

Model S Calgary Image: submitted

UPDATE 7:54pm PST: Here is another picture of the Calgary delivery.

Image via @pablocalgary /Twitter

These two deliveries kick off what should be many more in the coming days. We have so far received reports of deliveries beginning in Ontario tomorrow, and more happening in Vancouver later this week.

The start of deliveries comes after a very long 8 month wait after Tesla shut down the Model S production lines in December 2020 to retool them for the new design. Undisclosed challenges, along with severe parts shortages and supply chain issues, meant Tesla didn’t restart deliveries until June when 25 Plaid cars were delivered at a special event in Fremont.

There have been no confirmed sightings of the Model S Plaid in Canada yet, but we expect them to arrive north of the border soon.

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