Tesla Model S reaches new high mileage record

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic slowing down most peoples’ driving habits, it hasn’t slowed down prolific Tesla driver Hansjörg Gemmingen.

In October last year Gemmingen had already put 1,200,000km (745,645 miles) on his 2013 Model S P85+.

While some owners have struggled to put on more than a few thousand kilometers since then, Gemmingen revealed on Twitter he has racked up another 100,000km (62,127 miles) on the odometer.

Gimmengen purchased his Model S in 2014. That means he has driven nearly 200,000km (124,274 miles) every year. The seven years of driving hasn’t been maintenance free, as he has had to replace the rear motor four times due to issues early in his ownership.

You can check out this video below from November 2019 when he reached 1,000,000km.

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