Get a lot of snow in your area? You could put on snow tracks to turn your Tesla into an electric snowmobile like this Canadian did

lowlifeduramax snow tracks

We’ve seen some interesting modifications to Tesla vehicles in the past, but this latest one that turned this Model 3 into an electric snowmobile may take the cake.

A YouTuber based out of the lower mainland in British Columbia, lowlifeduramax, took his Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) out to a snowmobile track to see just how well his RWD Tesla could handle the snow.

But he did it with a twist, by installing specially fitted snow tracks on the rear wheel hubs.

Overall, the modified Model 3 performed well in the heavy snow with the snow tracks, able to handle hills with ease. The only problems that arose were from the snow tracks themselves, which would sometime slip off and begin to lose traction, something which could likely easily be fixed next time he decides to turn his Model 3 into a snowmobile.

Check out the full video below.

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