Tesla sets up Model S Plaid exhibit in Beijing shopping mall

After displaying the Model S and Model X Plaid (and more) at the China International Import Expo, Tesla has set up an exhibit to showcase the Model S Plaid in a popular shopping mall in Beijing.

The display has been set up at Raffles City Beijing, featuring a the same red Model S Plaid in an enclosed exhibit with mirrored walls, allowing mall patrons to get up close and personal with the flagship sedan.

The Model S was open for people to sit inside of check out all of the vehicle’s features and get a taste of what the Tesla experience is all about.

The exhibit focused on the Model S Plaid’s specs, highlighting its 0 to 60mph time, and even offering an interactive display to show what it feels like to be behind the wheel as it accelerates through Tesla’s famous lighted tunnel.

After its appearance at Raffles Beijing, the Model S Plaid will continue touring through other locations, including Tesla showrooms, over the next few weeks.

Tesla’s push to showcase both of their flagship vehicles in China hopefully means deliveries are going to start soon.

Both the Model S and Model X were approved for China’s purchase tax exemption back in October, however Tesla China has not updated their website to include pricing or estimated delivery dates for either vehicle.

Tesla Model S/X approved for purchase tax exemption in China


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