Tesla Model S Plaid gets in-depth review from Tesla Raj [Video]

Tesla only began deliveries of the new Model S Plaid last week, handing over 25 cars to lucky new owners at a special delivery event at Fremont. Despite only 25 Model S Plaid vehicles in the wild, the first in-depth review of the world’s fastest production car has already hit the streets.

Tesla enthusiast and soon-to-be father of two Tesla Raj went through Logan’s new Model S Plaid with a fine tooth comb. During the more than 36-minute long video we get to see everything from a look at some new interior accents to a walkthrough of the car’s new software and user interface (UI).

Probably of most interest to Tesla fans is the new yoke steering wheel and Auto Shift. Raj covers both of these extensively with a look at ideal hand placements on wheel with a demonstration of a 3-point turn.

We also get a demonstration of Auto Shift, Tesla’s answer to the removal of a traditional gear selector. In the demo the car was successfully able to determine the right direction to go in a parking lot, even when someone walks in front of it.

You can watch the full video below, but if you’re only interested in a certain topic, Raj has made these handy bookmarks which will take you directly to that section of the video.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Touch Screen UI
07:25 HVAC
08:00 Ventilated Seats
08:27 Display Tilt
08:55 The Yoke
11:47 Interior accents
12:30 Center Console
14:37 Dashboard
15:20 Rear Display
18:55 Driving while Watching
19:20 Split Audio?
22:44 Noise Cancellation
23:15 Pairing a PS5 Controller
24:04 Trunk
24:31 Fold Down Seats
24:56 Rear Center Arm Rest
26:00 Ride Along
26:20 3 Point Turn
27:30 U Turn
27:48 Yoke Hand Placements
31:00 Smart Shift
34:29 Paint Protection
34:50 Conclusion

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