2021 Model S Long Range officially receives Tesla’s best ever EPA rating

Tesla continues to show off its industry leading battery technology as the all-new 2021 Model S Long Range (LR) received the company’s best ever EPA rating today.

The online Design Studio has been advertising the LR variant as having an estimated range of 412 miles (663km) since it was announced earlier this year. Despite CEO Elon Musk confirming that range last week during the Plaid delivery event, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given their official rating for the electric sedan, and it comes in just a few miles short of Musk’s expectations.

In an update to the website today, the 2021 Model S LR can travel 405 miles (651km) on a full charge. That is the highest range rating achieved by any Tesla vehicle, with the next closest being the now discontinued LR Plus which could go 402 miles (649km) without needing to be plugged in.

Naturally it is almost more efficient than its predecessors. On the highway it gets the equivalent of 115 MPGe, while city driving improves that to 124 MPGe, for a combined rating of 120 MPGe.

Tesla LR EPA ratings
Image via U.S. EPA

These figures were achieved with the standard 19″ Tempest wheels, which recently got a slight design change and now come in black.

Tesla actually updated their website with the new figures last week, also adding that it was the official EPA rating and no longer an estimate.

Tesla EPA MOdel S

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