Tesla Model S Performance can now reach 60mph in 2.3 seconds

Tesla just made their flagship Model S Performance a little bit quicker, updating the official 0-60mph time to just 2.3 seconds.

The updated numbers appear in Tesla’s Design Studio, where before today the acceleration time for the electric sedan was listed as 2.4 seconds. The times listed on the Canadian version of the Design Studio are slightly slower at 2.5 seconds, due to the extra 3km/h required to reach 100km/h versus 97km/h (60mph).

Tesla Model S Performance Canada Design Studio

While Tesla didn’t provide any information around how or why the time changed, it’s quite possible it’s due to the recently updated Launch Mode, dubbed Cheetah stance. This new mode lowers the front of the vehicle, like a cheetah in the wild, to allow for better air flow and faster acceleration off the line.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also stated before that they aren’t always quick to update the website with the official stats. According to Musk, previous range estimates quoted on the website were out of date, and the vehicles were actually more efficient than listed. Shortly after, the new Long Range Plus versions of the Model S and X were released on the website.

The price for the Model S Performance was recently increased due to the weakening Canadian dollar, now starting at $137,990. The Long Range Model S also saw a price increase, now starting at $112,090.

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