Want to share your love for Tesla with potential Tesla owners? Now you can with Tesla Ride Finder

It’s probably some kind of disease that Elon Musk put in every Tesla. As soon as you buy one, you want to talk about it with anyone and everyone. Another side effect of this disease is wanting to give people rides in your Tesla, showing off the incredibly smooth and lightning fast acceleration.

The problem is a lot of the time people don’t want to hear you jabber on about your Tesla. Well know you can make yourself and your Tesla available to take prospective Tesla owners for test drives with Tesla Ride Finder.

The service, which describes itself as “connecting passionate owners with potential owners”, allows current Tesla owners to sign-up for the free service, after which your Tesla will be listed as available for test drive on the interactive map when potential owners come looking for a chance to experience a Tesla before clicking ‘Buy’.

Tesla Ride Finder map

The service is entirely free for both the owner and potential owner, and test drives are completely up to the discretion of the volunteer owner.

The website also has a section for potential owners to see both text and video reviews of each Model, with additional filters for country, length of ownership, and more.

Tesla Ride Finder Reviews

There is also a large Q & A section for potential owners to review, with topics ranging from charging, safety, and service to awards, resale value, and more.

There doesn’t appear to be many Canadian owners registered on the site yet, so if you’re interested in signing up to be a volunteer Tesla rep and show off your car to potential owners, you can sign up here.

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