Tesla Model S in Arizona crashes into police car, which crashes into ambulance

Arizona Tesla Model S crash

A 23-year old driver from Irvine, California is probably wishing he was paying a little more attention while behind the wheel of his Tesla Model S yesterday.

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An Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) SUV was parked on the side of road Tuesday morning attending to the scene of an earlier accident.

The Tesla Model S collided with the patrol vehicle, with the impact forcing the SUV into the back of the ambulance on scene.

Fortunately no one was inside the SUV at the time of the accident. There were occupants in the ambulance, but they were uninjured.

DPS said the driver is being investigated for driving under the influence. The driver apparently also claimed to officers the vehicle was on Autopilot, but this has not yet been verified.

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This accident once again serves as a good reminder that you should remain fully attentive to the road in front of you, Autopilot or not.

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