Elon Musk releases stunning image of first official Giga Berlin render

Giga Berlin render

We now have our first official look at what Tesla’s newest Gigafactory will look like when construction completes next year.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the image on Twitter last night, showing a sprawling facility surrounded by trees on all sides that looks similar, but also a different than the Gigafactory’s that have come before it.

It is only upon closer inspection when you realize the scale of the Gigafactory. Loading bays line the left and lower sides of the facility, with Tesla Semi’s looking like the Matchbox versions you can buy in stores.

The roof of the main building is covered in Tesla Solar Panels bathed in sunlight, which will presumably provide much of the power to the Gigafactory.

There also appears to be a rooftop patio and swimming pool above the main entrance to the building, capping off what looks like a much more modern design compared to Giga Shanghai, which was completed late last year.

Gigafactory Shanghai

Elon Musk aims to have construction of Giga Berlin complete and the first vehicles roll off the production line by mid-2021. The facility is expected to produce 100,000 vehicles per year soon after opening, ramping up to 500,000 vehicles per year at peak production.

One of the first vehicles to be produced at the factory will be the Model Y. Musk has revealed before that the factory will be the sole supplier of the electric SUV for Europe.

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