This Tesla owner is planning to bring back the tilt screen to the refresh Model S/X

screen tilt left right
Credit: u/Casey_S /Reddit

When Tesla first announced the refresh Model S and Model X, the all-new 17″ center display was listed as being able to tilt to the left and right.

Just a few months later, and before the first deliveries began, Tesla quietly removed the feature from the website.

Although the automaker has not provided an official explanation, it is believed they ran into supply chain issues, forcing them to abandon their plans.

The last minute change meant the screens have everything they need to tilt, only missing the motor to power it.

With that in mind, one owner is taking matters into his own hands and is developing a kit to return the feature to the flagship vehicles.

According to Reddit user u/Casey_S, his kit will even auto-tilt using the car’s seat sensors.

“Will eventually have full feature parity with what Tesla was (theoretically) going to implement themselves, including powered, automatic direction selection based on seat occupancy,” the Redditor said.

To back up his claims, Casey shared several images of his working prototype, giving us our best look yet at how far the screen can tilt to both the left and right.

Casey didn’t provide a timeline for when he might release the kit, but if it is priced right, it will likely be a big seller.

Would you purchase this screen tilt kit for your refresh Model S or Model X?

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