First refresh Tesla Model S vehicles en route to Vancouver, B.C.

More than two months after the first deliveries of the refresh Model S began in the US, the first deliveries in Canada look set to kick off next week.

A few days ago Drive Tesla was first to report that Long Range (LR) Model S reservation holders in Canada had started receiving VINs. A customer in Ontario even received a delivery date for September 24 in Kitchener.

Now we know for sure at least one LR Model S has made it across the border into Canada. One of our readers was able to snap a photo of a red LR Model S on the back of a car carrier this afternoon in Ferndale, Washington, en route to Vancouver.

Based on information from several reservation holders in Vancouver, most of them have estimated delivery dates of between September 11 and September 24.

While we have yet to hear of any confirmed dates, it appears as though the estimates are accurate and deliveries will be starting this week.

Stay tuned as we’ll bring you more information as we receive it. If you have a Model S delivery date in Canada, let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at

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