Tesla in talks with the Indian government about fully-owned retail outlets

According to multiple sources, Tesla is now engaging in talks with the Indian government about fully-owned retail outlets. The automaker has been working to resolve issues in the country and start selling Teslas into the Indian market.

According to sources close to the negotiations, Tesla is trying to figure out how to set up fully-owned retail outlets. These outlets need to comply with Indian Foreign Direct Investment guidelines, reports India Today.

The plan is to sell Tesla vehicles that include local sourcing norms. As per the guidelines, companies with over a 51% foreign stake need to source at least 30% of the value of the goods from India.

According to other reports, Tesla is already on the way to set up local deals and is in negotiations with at least three domestic manufacturers.

Tesla has already written to the Indian government to reduce import duties and taxes on electric vehicles. As those discussions continue, Tesla has already begun testing the Model 3 and Model Y in India, as well as sending a shipment of Superchargers that arrived in the country last week.

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