First Tesla Model S Plaid hits the 1/4 mile track, gets kicked off for being too fast

It didn’t take long for the first Tesla Model S Plaid to make its public debut at a racetrack, happening less than a week after the first deliveries.

Unfortunately its time on the track was cut short. Not because it broke down, but because it was too fast.

Emmet Peppers, who has shared several videos showing off his new car’s acceleration, took his black Model S Plaid to Sonoma Raceway in California last night.

After some practice runs that put him right around the 10 second mark, he knew he couldn’t go below that as it would require him having an official drag license, roll cage, and more.

In his first official run of the night, the car was too quick for Peppers, clocking an impressive 9.717 seconds with a trap speed of 149.12mph, even with him tapping the brakes before the finish line.

Given a warning by track officials, he lined up again against a friend driving a Volvo. Even giving the station wagon a 5-second head start, the Plaid passes it like it is standing still on the track.

This time he was able to get it above 10 seconds, but only just, recording a time of 10.003 seconds at 147.66mph. That was good enough to be kicked off the track.

As more Plaid’s are delivered, we will no doubt be seeing more videos like this. So long as race officials allow them on the track.

You can watch the races below.

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