First detailed look at new Tesla Model S headlights and taillights at night [Video]

Tesla started Model S deliveries with the updated Matrix LED headlights and taillights yesterday at the Fremont factory in California.

The new owner, Jacob Baltazar (@JacobIsAMac), has now uploaded a video giving us our first detailed look at the new headlights and taillights at night.

As we saw yesterday, the new headlights feature two distinct bulbs with an array of LEDs in each housing. Each LED is individually controllable allowing for light projection in almost any pattern.

The technology that allows the headlights to selectively turn on and off certain LEDs hasn’t been fully implemented yet (it was only approved for use in the US this month), but the owner does take the car for a night time drive to show how much of the road is illuminated.

Jacob says he didn’t notice much of a difference from his Model 3, which also has the Matrix LED headlights.

We also get to see the full functions of the taillights, showing the lower bar underneath the red ring has the turn signals and reverse lights. We also see the brake bar in the rear glass has remained.

Jacob asks for any refresh Model S owner with the older headlight to contact him so he can do a comparison. If you live near Fremont and are interested, reach out to him on Twitter.

You can check out the full video below.

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