Tesla Model S uses ‘Cheetah Stance’ to set new 1/4 mile record

Tesla recently updated its Launch Mode available for the Model S and Model X Raven vehicles to include a new ‘Cheetah Stance’. With ongoing COVID-19 closures, no one has been able to test the new launch mode at a drag strip, until now.

The new ‘Cheetah Stance’ launch mode lowers the front adaptive suspension in order to improve airflow around the vehicle during launch.

Robert from Everything Electric on YouTube is now the first person to test it out on a drag strip in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Model S was equipped with the OEM 21″ Tesla Arachnid wheels, and had about 16,000 miles (25,749km) on the odometer.

It was nearly fully charged, starting the race at 98% state of charge (SOC) due to a 30 minute delay while crews removed a wrecked Mustang from the track.

The fastest run Robert was able to achieve was a blistering 10.452 seconds at 126.25mph, eclipsing the old record of 10.514 seconds set last year.

The impressive part is the 0-60 foot time for this run clocked in at 1.546 seconds, nearly a full 0.05 seconds slower than the 0-60 foot time from the previous record holder at 1.497 seconds. Does that mean with a better launch and less tire spin, the Model S could get into the 10.3X second range?

Check out the full video below.

Tesla Model S time slip

h/t [Drag Times]

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