PUBG Mobile update brings Tesla Model Y to popular video game

If you haven’t heard of PUBG Mobile, it’s a popular video battle royale style shooter video game. Its latest update released last week includes a collaboration with one of the most popular automakers, Tesla.

Included in the Missions Ignition 1.5 update, the game now features a Gigafactory where players can “activate all switches of the assembly lines in the factory to start the car assembly process and build a Tesla vehicle — Model Y.”

Of course it wouldn’t be a Tesla if it didn’t have Autopilot. Players can also active the driver-assist feature when they are driving it along highways and the car will take them to preset locations on the map.

The update also includes elements of the latest design with the new center console, but no wood trim on the door (or Bioweapon Defense Mode).

PUB Mobile inside Tesla
Image via DracoGames /YouTube

Here’s a brief look at Tesla in the latest PUBG Mobile update.

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