Tesla’s (TSLA) hot streak makes it the #1 searched stock in 82 countries

Tesla (TSLA) share prices skyrocketed recently, increasing nearly 1,100% in the last two years (770% in 2020 alone). That hot streak has helped make the stock the most searched for investment in 82 countries around the world.

The data was compiled by Money.co.uk, which used search volume data about stocks and shares to put together the top five companies a country is most interested in investing in.

After the dust settled, Tesla (TSLA) was the clear winner, accounting for 15.02% of global searches into the stock market.

most searched stocks global
Image via Money.co.uk

Interest in Tesla dominated across most of the eastern hemisphere. Surprisingly, it was not the number one searched for stock in the US, where Amazon took first place.

Amazon’s stock (AMZN) was the second most searched for, leading the search results in 13 countries.

The only other automaker to make the top 10 was Chinese EV maker Nio. It was the most searched for stock in 2 countries, accounting for 5.02% of global search traffic into stocks.

Ford was in 12th place with 2.19% of global searches for stock and share prices.

Image via Money.co.uk
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