Best look yet at new Tesla Model S taillights

We have seen some glimpses of the newly designed Tesla Model S taillights over the last few months.

They were first spotted in a drone flyover of the Fremont factory, and later in blurry photos taken from a distance at a special event in Taiwan.

We have also seen them earlier this week in another blurry photo on a Tesla event listing.

Living up to his name, TMC forum member thewishmaster has given us our best look yet after he came across a red Model S with manufacturer plates parked on the street in the Bay Area. (h/t: @EndlessPlaid)

As we have seen in the previous images, the trim piece on the trunk no longer extends into the taillights.

Like the Model S in Taiwan, this trim piece is also colour matched to the car, and no longer black like the rest of the trim. (h/t

Unfortunately thewishmaster didn’t get photos of the charge port door, or any photos from the front to confirm if it also had the new matrix LED headlights.

We still don’t know when these new taillights, charge port door and headlights will enter production, but this is a good indication it will be soon.

What do you think of the new design? Let us know in the comments below.

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