Watch a Tesla Model X take flight on a city street

Flying Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X gull-wing doors can flap to make it look like it’s a flightless bird trying to take off into the sky. But no one has actually tried to see if their Model X can fly, until now.

YouTuber David Dobrik (is it bad that I hadn’t heard of him until I saw this video?) took his Model X to a street in LA with a crazy incline, leading immediately to a crazy decline on the other side of the intersection.

What else would a YouTuber think to do than to try and see if his Tesla Model X can clear the intersection flying through the air. The only thing he should have done was to try and door this with the doors open to see if he could get more air.

Check out the video below. The Tesla segment is only the first minute of the video, so don’t waste your time watching the rest.

Warning: the

” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>YouTube video is NSFW as it does have some colourful language, and it has a bunch of other stuff in it that isn’t Tesla, so here’s the safer, and much shorter video he posted to Twitter.

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