Testing FSD Beta with two Tesla’s at the same time – will they behave differently? [Video]

So far almost all of the videos of Tesla’s FSD beta in action have shown how the tester’s vehicle reacts to a situation. But that’s not what the future is going to look like as there will hopefully be millions of self-driving cars sharing the road.

To see how two Tesla’s with FSD beta handle the same situations, testers Sofiaan Fraval and James Locke put their Model 3’s head-to-head in a number of different scenarios.

The pair start off by testing a four-way stop by going straight and making left and right turns. To complicate matters, the tests were performed in the middle of the day in Santa Clarita, meaning other cars were also present. Every time the cars performed similarly, just like a human would.

Perhaps the most interesting observation from the tests happened right at the end. The self-driving software is just that, software. As a result, you would think if driving along the same route just seconds apart, the Model 3’s would behave in the same way.

But the results showed the vehicles have a mind of their own. While driving along a route that Locke has passed through many times in the past, his Tesla veered to the left when the road briefly turns from one lane into two. Although it did briefly look like it wanted to go left, Fraval’s Model 3 stayed in the right hand lane.

This was a really interesting test, and a glimpse into the future where self-driving cars will be the norm, and not the exception.

Check out the full video below.

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