Tesla drops price of Model 3 Carbon Fiber Wheel Cap Kit after discontinuing original Sport wheels

In October 2019 Tesla released a Carbon Fiber Wheel Cap Kit for the Model 3 Sport wheels. When it launched it was originally priced at $300 CAD ($250 USD). Just 3 months later Tesla strangely increased the price even more to $340 CAD.

Tesla has now dropped it to a point below the original price at $230 CAD ($175 USD). The reason is likely due to the fact Tesla has redesigned the Sport wheels, opting for a flatter look with the refresh Model 3.

If you still have the original 19″ or 20″ Sport wheels and are looking for an upgrade, now is a good time to buy.

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Product Description

The kit replaces the traditional flat black center cap with a new center cap made from lightweight, cross-woven carbon fiber with a matte finish. The kit includes 4 wheel caps and 1 wheel cap removal tool.

Carbon Fibre center caps Tesla



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