Tesla’s glass roof shows off its strength after massive tree falls on Model 3 in China

Tesla’s glass roof has once again showed off its impressive strength, this time keeping a driver unharmed after a massive tree fell on a Model 3 in China.

Video of the incident shared by Jay (@JayinShanghai) on Twitter shows a white Model 3 slammed to the ground as if it were modified with air suspension, were it not for the fact that the massive tree had fallen at just the right moment to land on the glass roof.

Remarkably the cabin is intact, and the driver was even able to open his door with the window still in one piece. Jay reports that the driver walked away with no injuries, but probably a little shaken up.

This isn’t the first time a large tree has been no match for the glass roof on a Model 3. Last year dashcam video captured the moment another massive tree fell on a Model 3 in Ontario. Even though the tree weighed thousands of pounds, it can actually be seen bouncing off the Tesla.

In that incident the occupants also walked away uninjured.

Then there was another tree incident we told you about just last month in Victoria, BC. A large Garry Oak tree fell on a Model 3 during a windstorm, but just like this incident today, the cabin was intact with just a few shards of glass on the seats.


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