Tesla also winter testing Project Highland Model 3 in New Zealand

Tesla has also shipped at least three Project Highland Model 3s to New Zealand for winter testing, indicating the new design in the final stages of testing before it finally goes on sale.

Last month we reported that the Cybertruck was spotted being offloaded from a cargo plane in New Zealand, on its way to the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds, where it just so happens to be their prime winter testing period. While the Cybertruck was spotted, Tesla was also able to sneak in the Project Highland Model 3 unnoticed.

According to photos taken and shared by @CybertruckNZ on Twitter, there are at least three of the camouflaged Model 3 units undergoing winter testing. Aside from the camouflage, we also know the number 2 vehicle below is the Highland refresh because it is equipped with the new matte black 18″ Aero wheels that have been previously spotted in California.

The fact that Tesla is winter testing the new design is a promising sign that it will finally go on sale soon. Tesla has been testing it on public roads in California for more than half a year, although those vehicles were being tested in various stages of completion so as to not give away the entire final design before they are ready to do so. With the Cybertruck also undergoing winter testing at the moment, and a delivery event tentatively scheduled towards the end of Q3, it could mean a Project Highland Model 3 debut around the same timeframe.

Speaking of the Cybertruck, there are reportedly two of them at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds. A camouflaged Cybertruck (it actually blends in well with the background) can be seen just around the side of the building in the photo above, but according to @CybertruckNZ there is at least one other “naked” Cybertruck at the site. Unfortunately the Cybertruck enthusiast has been unable to snap a photo of the stainless steel Cybertruck due to security at the site, but hopefully we get to see more shots soon.

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