Video captures massive tree falling onto Tesla Model 3 glass roof, all occupants walk away uninjured

If you ever questioned the strength of the glass roof in the Tesla Model 3, this incident should put those doubts to rest.

In an incredible moment captured on video, three occupants of a Model 3 walked away uninjured after a massive tree fell directly onto their car.

Sam Fursey, who uploaded dashcam video to YouTube (h/t: Gary), was driving his best friend and fiancé to their wedding during a recent windstorm in Ontario.

As they were driving down a narrow dirt road, a gust of wind sent a massive tree toppling over just at the moment they were passing.

In video catured on the dashcam from another car in the wedding party, the glass roof on the Model 3 is so strong the tree actually bounces off the car, allowing it continue down the road for a few more meters before coming to a stop.

Photos of the Model 3 taken moments later show the relatively minor damage, with the cabin of the car largely intact.

roof damage
Credit: Sam Fursey

Incredibly, Fursey says they were all able to walk away uninjured, although probably a little shaken up by the entire incident.

For comparison, here are a couple of images we were able to find of similar incidents involving cars from legacy automakers, and the results couldn’t be more different.

In NTHSA testing, the Tesla Model 3s glass roof was able to withstand more than 20,000lbs of force.

That is the equivalent of more than five Model 3’s, and according to Tesla, the same weight as two full-grown African elephants.

You can watch the full video below.

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