Tesla’s base Standard Range Model 3 still available in Canada, sales ended in the US

Tesla last month announced a long list of changes for the Model 3, including more range thanks to a new heat pump, laminated windows, a new center console and much more. Even with all the improvements, Tesla did not increase the price of the electric sedan in Canada or the US.

The automaker has made a change to its lineup however, and is no longer selling a base Standard Range (SR) Model 3 in the US, as first reported by Electrek this morning.

While it might not seem like much of a change, the 150km software locked base Model 3 is the reason why the more expensive Standard Range Plus (SR+) qualifies for the iZEV rebate in Canada. If Tesla no longer offered the SR for sale, then the SR+ would instantly become $5,000 more expensive in Canada.

The good news is that according to our sources at Tesla, sales of the SR with the new features have indeed ended in the US. However, the automaker has not yet communicated any changes to its lineup for Canada, and the SR is still available to order “off-menu”.

That means if you decide to place an order for the SR+ in Canada, you will still be eligible for the $5,000 incentive.

If you are looking to buy a SR+ Model 3 to take advantage of the rebate and want to receive your new car before the end of the year, you might want to place your order soon as current wait times are as long as 7 weeks.

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