Tesla Model 3 now includes the heat pump

Over the last few months there have been rumours of a number of changes coming to the Model 3. Most of them were confirmed last night with a long list of upgrades and updates to the Model 3 Design Studio.

One rumoured upgrade that hasn’t been officially confirmed by Tesla is the addition of the heat pump to the electric sedan.

Earlier this summer Tesla unexpectedly changed the design of the Model 3 frunk to closely resemble that of the Model Y. Not only did the redesign reduce the size of the frunk, but it also increased the amount of space available behind it.

New Model 3 frunk

Initial rumours speculated this was to add the heat pump from the Model Y, and we can now confirm this has been added.

According to a source inside Tesla who has provided reliable information in the past, the same heat pump from the Model Y now lives inside the Model 3. While we don’t know for sure, the heat pump is likely part of the reason for the increased range estimates for all variations of the Model 3.

The heat pump will be a welcomed addition for Tesla owners in cold climates, as it is expected to be much more efficient at heating the car resulting in extra range during the winter. CEO Elon Musk has called the Model Y heat pump some of the best engineering he’s ever seen.

Stay tuned as we’ll update this article if we receive more information…

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