First Tesla Model 3 Yellow Cab in New York City no longer taking fares after accident on Long Island Expressway

In November last year a Tesla Model 3 joined New York City’s fleet of iconic Yellow cabs. The driver, Rami, was excited to finally be driving the car of his dreams after previously taking fares in a Toyota Camry and Sienna.

Unfortunately it looks like Rami may have go back to one of those vehicles after his yellow Model 3 was involved in an accident on the Long Island Expressway.

Details around what exactly occurred are still unclear. From images shared on social media we can see the Tesla suffered extensive damage to the left rear quarter panel, with a large chunk of it missing.


We can also see the left rear wheel was completely cracked in the collision, also with about a quarter of the wheel missing.

NYC Tesla taxi accident
Image via @drive_sally /Twitter

The Model 3 was obviously unable to drive away from the accident and was towed to a local garage. With damage seemingly limited to the left rear of the vehicle, it is hoped to be back on the streets of NYC soon.

You can check out a video about the Tesla Yellow Cab and the driver Rami below.

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