Tesla increases Model S/X inventory discounts to nearly $15,000 in Canada and over $10,000 in the US, Model 3 to $3,500


Tesla is doing ­­­what they can to move as many vehicles in Canada and the US before the end of the quarter. Last week we reported that the automaker was offering existing inventory discounts in Canada of up to $9,800 on the Model S and Model X, while earlier this month discounts on the Model 3 were up to $2,500. Now those discounts has increased to nearly $15,000 on S/X (not including the limited time referral discount of $1,300), and up to $3,500 on the Model 3 in Canada. There have been similar increases in the discounts available in the US for both the Model S/X and the Model 3.

Model S/X Discounts

According to a review of the existing inventory website by Drive Tesla, the maximum discount being offered on the Model S in Canada is $14,490 on a Plaid variant in Surrey, British Columbia. This particular vehicle comes with a black exterior and white interior with the 21” Arachnid wheels for $145,350. We were able to find similar discounts on new Model S vehicles in B.C., Ontario, and Quebec, with discounts on both Plaid and Dual motor variants ranging from the above mentioned $14,490 to $10,390.

There are equally large discounts available on the Model X, with a Dual Motor variant priced at $144,210, or a $14,430 discount, in Oakville, Ontario. This time we were able to find three discounted Model X SUVs in Alberta, with numerous examples also available in B.C., Ontario, and Quebec. We were unable to find any Plaid variants with a discount at the time of publication.

In the US the discount has gone from $7,500 last week up to more than $10,000, as we were able to find several examples of the Model S Plaid with a maximum discount of $10,840. The Model X was also available with discounts as high as $10,790.

As we mentioned previously, there is a limited time $1,300 discount if you use a referral code when placing your order. Tesla is also offering three months of Full Self-Driving (referral code required) and three years of free Supercharging. To qualify for any of these incentives you must take delivery before June 30, 2023.

Model 3 Discounts

After offering a $2,500 discount on the Model 3 earlier this month, Tesla has now increased that further to $3,500 on Long Range variants of the electric sedan. Based on the URL, which includes the first few letters of the VIN, we can tell these vehicles are made in China at Giga Shanghai. There are several examples available in BC for as little as $61,490 after the $3,500 discount and before the $5,000 federal incentive.

We were able to find these $3,500 discounts on vehicles in BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

In the US the maximum Model 3 discount we could find was $3,040, but only on the Performance variant. Discounts on other variants remain about $2,500 as they were last week.

Tesla is not offering a free trial of FSD when using a referral code with your Model 3 purchase, but 3 months (not years) of unlimited free Supercharging is available.

Model Y Discounts

Tesla was offering a $500 discount in Canada on the Model Y, but only for vehicles with the third row after the option was removed from the Design Studio. Those appears to have all sold out now as we could find no examples of the seven-seat Model Y available in Canada.

There are still some Model Ys available in the US with a $580 discount that has been available since earlier this month.

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