President Biden: All Federal Fleet Vehicles Will Be Electric And American-Made

Tesla and other electric vehicle (EV) makers in the US are happy today as President Joe Biden announced the entire federal fleet of vehicles will be replaced with American-made EVs.

According to the US General Services Administration, the federal fleet has over 645,000 vehicles. Of those, over 225,000 belong to the US Postal Service and over 173,000 belong to the military.

In addition, Biden has also announced a large infrastructure plan to fund 500,000 public electric vehicle chargers, which will aid with the new surge of EVs.

In the short-term, some vehicles may avoid being replaced as it will be an outstanding cost to retire them early. Furthermore, some specialized vehicles will need more development time before they are electrified. In the long-term, the government will be able to significantly save on fuel and maintenance.

Biden claims that this will also create a million new jobs in the clean energy industry. Furthermore, consumer tax credits are planned to be expanded for electric vehicle purchases, allowing EVs to become more affordable for the public.

Currently, there are no timelines or further details for these plans.

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