Tesla China now offers Model 3 power trunk retrofit for a reasonable price

Ever since Tesla added a power trunk to the Model 3 with the refresh in 2020, existing owners have been asking for an official retrofit.

Those wishes have been answered. Tesla China’s Weibo account says that after listening to customer feedback, they are now offering a power trunk upgrade service.

The upgrade costs just ¥3,980 ($800 CAD/$630 USD), a very reasonable price compared to third party solutions.

For that price you get genuine Tesla parts, a professional installation, and a three-year warranty.

The package also adds trunk control options to both the in-car display and mobile app.

According to Tesla China, the service is now available and owners are invited to schedule appointments.

Although the service is only available in China, we expect it to make it to other markets, especially those markets that import vehicles from Giga Shanghai, later this year.

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