Tesla Model 3 spotted driving wrong way down California highway [Video]

Fallbrook Tesla Model 3

Footage captured by a passing motorist shows a Tesla Model 3 driving at high speeds the wrong way down Interstate 15 in Fallbrook, California.

The video, shared with Drive Tesla by Dillon Schmersal, was taken at around 4:00pm on February 15 in rush-hour traffic. According to Schmersal, the driver, a middle-aged man, was the only occupant in the vehicle and was already driving the wrong way for more than 15 seconds before he started filming.

By his estimate, the Tesla was travelling at about 60mph (96km/h) on the gravel shoulder, mere feet away from oncoming traffic.

What makes this bizarre incident even more dangerous is just moments before filming, the driver would have had to cross an overpass where there is no gravel shoulder, putting him inches away from cars travelling 70+mph in the other direction. Schmersal tells Drive Tesla he barely slowed down.

Fallbrook map

After passing the Tesla, Schmersal says the driver was able to join the southbound lanes at the next emergency turn around in the highway divider.

He must have been in a rush to get somewhere. He passed Schmersal moments later travelling at about 120mph (193km/h).

Needless to say, don’t try this at home. Take the extra few minutes to get to the next offramp.

You can check out the video below.

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