Tesla expands Quicksilver to Model 3 lineup at Giga Shanghai

Tesla has expanded the number of vehicles that can be ordered in Quicksilver paint from Giga Shanghai, with the entire Model 3 lineup now available in the ‘new’ paint colour.

Quicksilver was first introduced on the Model Y from Giga Berlin in 2022, and at the time it was believed it would only be available from Giga Berlin because of its advanced Paint Shop. However earlier this year Tesla started production of the Model Y in Quicksilver at Giga Shanghai, and most recently brought it to Giga Texas, also for the Model Y.

Now Tesla has expanded it further, offering Quicksilver as an option on the entire Model 3 lineup out of Giga Shanghai, as announced by Tesla through their Weibo account in China.

According to the Design Studio in China, adding Quicksilver will cost you ¥12,000, or about C$2,250 or US$1,650.

However, not only can customers in China order Model 3 in Quicksilver, including the new Model 3 Performance, but customers in countries that receives Model 3 exports from Giga Shanghai can also order the new colour.

Quicksilver In Canada

One market that continues to be left out of the Quicksilver party is Canada, at least for now. As we noted, Tesla is now producing the Model Y at Giga Texas in Quicksilver, however Tesla does not send any cars from Giga Texas to Canada, so it is not available on the Canadian Design Studio.

Tesla does send Model Y from Fremont to Canada, however Fremont’s Paint Shop does not produce Quicksilver, and given its age is likely not capable of producing it in the future (although we hope we are wrong on that).

Tesla also exports the Model 3 Performance from China to Canada, however has yet to update the online configurator to include Quicksilver. Maybe that will happen soon?

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