Abbotsford BC Tesla Supercharger under construction

For what may be the first time there is a new Supercharger under construction in Abbotsford British Columbia that no one knew about until it was already half built.

Abbotsford has never been listed on Tesla’s website as a potential location, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that one is already under construction. We were first notified of its possible location by Andrew Krygsveld via Twitter, who was told by workers at the Surrey BC Supercharger there was a new location in Abbotsford opening soon.

The new Supercharger is located at the High Street Mall at 3122 Mount Lehman Road in west Abbotsford, on the far west side of the underground parkade in section L, according to TMC user dmd2005. This will be a good location in between the current Supercharger locations in Hope and Surrey. The Surrey location is also currently under construction to expand the number of stalls, providing more charging options for Tesla owners in the Fraser Valley.

It is also a good location for cross-border travellers, as it is just a short 12 minute drive to the Sumas border crossing. If you frequent the Peace Arch border crossing, another new Supercharger opened recently in Blaine WA, also just a short 13 minute drive from the Peace Arch border crossing.

The Abbotsford site will feature 12 stalls, apparently with V3 Superchargers, capable of charging at up 250kW, based on the size and configuration of the site. These posted were also posted to TMC by dmd2005 showing the Superchargers ready for cabinet installation, which are scheduled to arrive next week, according to construction workers at the Surrey Supercharger expansion.

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