Tesla Model 3 gets price drop in France and other European markets

France Design Studio

Tesla has announced a new price for all variants of the Model 3, reducing the electric sedan by more than €6,000 in France and other European markets.

In Germany, the Standard Range Plus (SR+) dropped in price by €3,000 from €42,900 down to €39,990. The Long Range (LR) variant also saw a €3,000 price drop from €52,490 to €49,990. The most expensive Performance Model 3 saw the biggest price reduction, dropping €4,000 from €58,990 to €54,990. Note that all prices include VAT.

Other markets saw even bigger decreases, which also resulted in the electric sedan being eligible for more incentives. In France the SR+ saw the biggest price drop from €49,990 to €43,800, down €6,190. The LR dropped €5,810 from €57,800 to €51,990, while the Performance variant dropped €6,000 from €65,990 to €59,990.

More importantly the new price for the SR+ means it can now get €7,000 in incentives instead of the €3,000 it was eligible for previously. The Performance Model 3 received no incentives previously, but is now eligible for an additional €3,000 off. Incentives for the LR Model 3 were unaffected (h/t Jean Roustan).

The new prices follow another recent change to the Design Studio. Last week the online configurator in some European markets was updated to include the new wood door trim first seen in China. The range of the SR+ was also increased from 430km (267 mi) to 448km (278 mi).

Did you see a price change in your market? Let us know in the comments below.

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