Survey shows these four myths are keeping Canadians from buying an EV

The good news is a recent survey shows that 51% of Canadians are ready to make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV). The bad news is common myths and misconceptions are keeping most from even considering one.

The survey, conducted by Angus Reid for Kia Canada, showed that 82% of respondents have never driven an EV before. That lack of education and awareness translated into 47% saying they would not consider an EV for their next purchase.

To help increase EV adoption in Canada, and likely around the world, these common myths and misconceptions need to be addressed.

Myth #1 – Where will I find a public charger?

According to the results of the survey, 50% of those who said they would not consider an EV believe finding a public charger would be a nuisance. What they don’t realize is that there are over 14,000 public chargers across Canada. If that’s not enough, there is also the fact that the vast majority (71%) of charging is done at home while you sleep, leaving you with a “full tank” every morning.

Myth #2 – It takes too long to charge an EV

Another common myth when its come to EVs is the time it takes to charge. With the vast network of public chargers, many of which are fast chargers, most EVs can now recharge to 80% in less than hour, while adding 50-100km can take 10 minutes or less. Combined with the fact 68% said they travel less than 50km on an average day, EVs can be suitable for most.

Myth #3 – EVs don’t have enough range

Showing their lack of awareness when it comes to EVs, 84% of respondents did not know they can travel more than 350km on a full charge. In reality, most drive less than 50km on an average day.

Myth #4 – EVs are too expensive

Of those 47% who would not consider an EV, 59% said it was because they were too expensive to buy and maintain. The availability of provincial and federal rebates (up to $13,000 in Quebec and $8,000 in B.C.) means they are more affordable than most people think.

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