Tesla Model 3 power trunk spotted at Fremont [Photo]

New Tesla Model 3 power trunk

One of the big changes for the Model 3 announced on Thursday was the addition of the power trunk to all variants of the electric sedan.

We reported exclusively on this change back in August after receiving leaked photos of it, along with new headlights that we have yet to see in the wild.

Thanks to Tesla superfan Tesla Raj, we now get our first official look at the production version of the power trunk after he spotted it at Fremont.

Even though the picture is from a distance, we can make out some details that show it has changed slightly from what was likely a prototype version we saw a few months ago.

Unlike the Model Y which has a much larger and heavier tailgate requiring two power struts, the Model 3 trunk is light enough to only require one power strut. The thicker, and now smooth strut is located on the left side of the trunk, while the round button to close the trunk is located on the right hand side, just like the Model Y.

Here are photos of the Model Y struts to see how they compare, as well as a close-up of the button.

The power trunk is just one of a long list of upgraded features for the latest builds of the Model 3. Other new items include new wheels, factory black trim, and interior upgrades like a new center console and micro-suede wrapped wireless charger.

You can read our full comprehensive round up of all the changes here.

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