City of Brampton orders first electric fire truck in Ontario   

The City of Brampton announced today it plans to purchase an electric fire truck, becoming the first municipality in Ontario to do so.

In a press release the city said a front-line pumper will be replaced by a Rosenbauer RT electric fire truck, the only one available on the market that meets current firefighting standards.

The addition will allow Brampton to join the likes of Berlin, Amsterdam, Dubai, Los Angeles, and Vancouver to use an electric emergency response vehicle.

Not only will the electric fire truck have zero emissions, it will also have a number of features that will make firefighting easier.

Air suspension will allow the truck to be raised as high as 18.5” off the ground, while also being able to go as low as just 6.8”. This not only gives firefighters easy access to equipment, it also means the electric fire truck can traverse difficult terrains and access fires that traditional trucks might not be able to reach.

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The fire truck’s compact design will also allow it to maneuver through tight locations and on narrower roads. Additionally, the latest ergonomic technologies inside the truck will improve the health and safety of firefighters.

The city is expecting the new purchase to arrive in Q4 2022, and be in service by early 2023. When it arrives it will be stationed at the under construction Brampton Fire Campus.

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